Bollards Enhance Safety

May 28, 2023 | Steven Steel Supply News

Bollards provide a level of safety as a form of vehicle containment. Their sturdy structure along with a strategic placement provide security with an impenetrable barrier.

Bollards can be used strategically for perimeter protection, traffic control, pedestrian segmentation and safety. Embedded bollards provide maximum protection from vehicle impact and are ideal where security is of added concern.

Steven Steel has provided bollards for several international and major airport hubs. The bollards create a hardened barrier to prevent vehicles from crashing into passenger terminals. The bollards are designed and fabricated according to standards set by the federal government for national security.

Steven Steel can supply standard pipe bollards through K12 to meet government and homeland security requirements. If your installation requires specially fabricated bollards based on custom supplied engineering drawings. We have experience fabricating bollards that meet government and homeland security requirements.

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Cedar Quality Matters

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