Multi-Use Trails Increase in Popularity

Nov 2, 2023 | Featured Projects

Enhance Quality of Life And Improve Neighborhood Aesthetics

Multi-use trails are facilities separated from the roadway for use by cyclists, pedestrians, joggers, skaters, runners, walkers, hikers, wildlife viewers and others. Generally, multi-use trails includes any trail paved or unpaved that can be used by multiple activities. These facilities are often viewed as recreational, but they can also be important corridors for utilitarian (work, shopping, or other functional) trips. The term shared-use path is associated multi-use trails that have paved or hard surfaces and sufficient width to allow pedestrians, cyclists, and other users the ability to use the trail.

Steven Steel has fabricated beautiful railings and bridge components that add to the aesthetic beauty of these outdoor recreational areas. Our expert craftsmanship adds a high level of aesthetic appeal that compliments the natural surroundings. Our fabricators incorporate the beauty of trellises, handrails, bridge railing and walkway railings into the flow of the outdoor aesthetics. Steven Steel delivers a high quality product that provides beauty along with functionality to enhance enjoyment of the outdoors.

Multi-use or shared paths can provide a desirable facility, particularly for pedestrians, novice riders, recreational trips, and cyclists of all skill levels preferring separation from traffic. They are important assets for a community, encouraging healthy and active lifestyles, promoting non-motorized transportation over longer distances, and making the area more attractive to visitors. Multi-use trails are a favorable attribute helping communities increase their appeal to new residents.

Increase Safety and Promote Well Being

Multi-use Trails provide a safe means for users to enjoy the outdoors dedicated to maintaining equal and safe access while promoting outdoor recreation. A growing body of evidence shows that the built environment, such as a multi-use trail, can positively influence physical activity for both recreational and transportation purposes. These trails are proven to be a cost effective means to promoting physical activity and potentially reducing medical expenses.

Cedar Quality Matters

Cedar Quality Matters

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