ODOT To Add Vandal Fences to Bridges

Mar 9, 2024 | Steven Steel Supply News

Steven Steel custom fabricates vandal fences to meet the new ODOT requirements for protective fencing on Ohio bridges and overpasses on major highways throughout the state. A vandal fence is a restrictive barrier that prevents debris from falling or being thrown off the bridge into the flow of traffic below. It also protects pedestrians from falling off of overpasses onto the roadway. This change to the ODOT requirements for all major overpasses came on the heels of a tragedy.

In July 2014, Sharon Budd, an Ohio resident, was severely injured when teens threw a 5-pound rock off of a Pennsylvania overpass. The rock struck the SUV in which she was traveling and hit Sharon in the head, causing severe brain damage. Her husband, Randy Budd, worked diligently with Ohio Senator Scott Oelslager to champion for the safety measure. ODOT has responded by making changes to their manual putting “vandal protection fencing” on 167 state bridges in the next five years. This change impacts new bridges and enhancements to existing bridges.

Steven Steel has extensive experience fabricating vandal protective fences for bridges and overpasses. We have work directly with ODOT and general contractors to meet the required specifications. Our vandal protective fences provide safety for pedestrians on the overpasses and the traffic passing below. We have worked closely with municipalities to build according to their engineered designs. We have fabricated traditional vandal fences, as well as custom designed vandal fences that incorporate municipal branding. Our attention to detail and quality fabrication yields a highly functional, safe vandal fence that adds an element of décor to the area.

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