Strengthen Your Image or Brand With Custom Fabricated Signage

Steven Steel’s custom fabrication expertise puts a creative spin on a truly unique product for your application. We combine art décor with functional application to make a beautiful statement through highly functional fencing and signage. Custom fabricated metal signs build brand awareness and Steven Steel offers custom fabricated expertise to help you build your brand.  We can fabricate metal signs out of various material and add a decorative flair with custom metal art lettering. We can also incorporate your logo or artwork. Steven Steel has also incorporated corporate logos into various applications, such as property gates, free-standing signs, bridges and archways.

All of our custom installations can be galvanized and powder coated for a beautiful, durable finish. Our creativity can add an element of flare to your business helping your property stand out. Steven Steel can help make a municipality unique and appealing with a visual presence through a custom fabricated sign.

High Quality Fabrication Delivers Aesthetic Beauty

Steven Steel attention to detail provides a high quality product that delivers aesthetic beauty. Our high quality fabricated product will enhance your brand and build awareness.  We have custom fabricated signs for a variety of customers, including schools, parks, corporations and businesses. Our high end metal craftsmanship delivers beautiful aesthetics. We can help you stand out in the marketplace and even create a new image. We work of off customer provided engineered drawings and deliver a quality product that will enhance your image.

About Steven Steel Supply.

Steven Steel Supply is a leader in custom fabrication providing engineering solutions to industry for over 60 years. We offer Custom Fabrication, Multi-Use Trails, Vehicle Railing, Vandal Fence, Racetrack Catch Fence, Structural Steel Pipe, Bollards, and Signage/Branding. We service many industries and have worked with ODOT and the NY Port Authority providing innovative solutions to construction projects.

Steven Steel also has an in-house, commercial fencing division, Lannis Fence and a Large diameter pipe and supplies division, Midway Structural Pipe and Supply, meeting all of your industrial supply needs.

Midway Structural Pipe and Supply, Inc.
dba Steven Steel Supply is
OH DOT DBE Certified ID#12255

 Midway Structural Pipe and Supply, Inc.
 is MI DOT DBE Certified 

Steven Steel Supply is WBE Certified and is
100% Woman-Owned

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